Medieval Missionaries:  A Collins Site Update – Thursday, May 26  7:00 pm

Medieval Missionaries: A Collins Site Update – Thursday, May 26 7:00 pm

The Collins Archaeological Complex located along the Middle Fork of the Vermilion River, northwest of Danville is home to a site of Native American mounds over a thousand years old. Join archaeologist Amanda Butler as she provides updates on her work at the Collins site - what’s new and what’s planned for this summer - Thursday, May 26 7:00 pm at the Danville Public Library. Amanda J. Butler, M.A. is an archaeologist and instructor in anthropology at Parkland College. She is also a lithic analyst employed with the Illinois State Archaeological Survey. Amanda is also an advocate of public archaeology through her many speaking engagements in East-Central Illinois, public outreach work through the Illinois State Archaeological Survey and the Archaeology Student Society. Currently, she is facilitating the installment of an…
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Experience the Beauty of the Middle Fork – May 25 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Experience the Beauty of the Middle Fork through the eyes of Brian Stearns, Photographer. Location: White Oak Barn, Kennekuk County Park, 22296 Henning Rd, Danville Directions: Enter the park off Henning Road. turn left at Visitors Center and travel west to end of road. White Oak Barn is opposite new Environmental Center. Also learn about the threat to the area posed by Dynegy's coal ash pits and what you can do to protect the Middle Fork from coal ash pollution. Brian Stearns is a wildlife photographer specializing in wild animals in their natural habitats. The Middle Fork River and its environs is one area where he concentrates his attention. Brian is the President of Champaign County Audubon Society, and he and his wife, Susan, are both active in the Middle…
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Fieldtrip to Middle Fork River Forest Preserve

Middle Fork River Forest Preserve, the largest preserve in Champaign County, contains 1,702 acres composed of old hardwood timber, reforested lowlands, grassy meadows, and in-progress prairie restorations. Rich in trails, Middle Fork contains one of the region's premier Waterfowl Management Areas, and it is also home to a favorite camping area, the Harry L. Swartz Campground. Join us Saturday, April 23, 2016 at 8am for a morning hike through the preserve. Brian Stearns will lead you to the birding hotspots at the North Waterfowl Area, South Waterfowl Area, and Point Pleasant. Enjoy the opportunity to see eagles, wading birds and a variety of other waterfowl. We will wrap-up in time for lunch. Picnic tables are available for those who'd like to pack a sack lunch and eat at the preserve.…
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