Middlefork Audubon September Meeting – Chimney Swift Sit-in and Emiquon Program

Middlefork Audubon September Meeting – Chimney Swift Sit-in and Emiquon Program

Thursday, September 26th– Chimney Swift Sit-in and Emiquon Program

At the end of summer chimney swifts gather into large groups to migrate to South America. During migration, as many as 10,000 swifts may circle in a tornado-like flock at dusk and funnel into a roosting chimney to spend the night. The lives of these widespread urban birds are surprisingly unstudied, because of their inaccessible nesting and roosting sites and their aerial lifestyle. 

-Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Beginning at 6:00 PM – Chimney Swift viewing

Weather permitting, come join the Middlefork Audubon Society outside in the parking lot on the south side of the Danville Public for a spectacular view of these lovely birds up close- we hope!  Binoculars are probably not needed this evening, but feel free to bring them along just in case.  Daylight is getting shorter and if a cold front comes this flock may move on, but we would expect northern migrants to still be moving through.  We are hoping to catch a good view of chimney swift activity!

7:00 PM Program – Emiquon: Restored Wetlands along the Illinois River near Lewistown, Illinois


We will move inside the Danville Public Library for a short discussion led by Sue Smith followed by a 1/2 hour viewing of “Nature Returns to Emiquon” documenting the restoration efforts along the Illinois River in Fulton County bringing rebirth to almost 7,000 acres of land for wildlife.  A remarkable tale of conservation efforts right here in Illinois.  If you are not yet familiar with this area, this is a must-see program for those who enjoy exploring the history and natural beauty Illinois has to offer.  Beyond the natural beauty, this region offers great river town hospitality, wineries and restaurants, and for those who enjoy the cultural as well as natural history, there is Dixon Mounds Museum nearby http://www.illinoisstatemuseum.org/content/welcome-dickson-mounds

This is a great place to visit especially during spring and fall migration to view many wetland birds! 

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