Medieval Missionaries: A Collins Site Update – Thursday, May 26 7:00 pm

The Collins Archaeological Complex located along the Middle Fork of the Vermilion River, northwest of Danville is home to a site of Native American mounds over a thousand years old. Join archaeologist Amanda Butler as she provides updates on her work at the Collins site – what’s new and what’s planned for this summer – Thursday, May 26 7:00 pm at the Danville Public Library.

Historic Site, Collins ComplexAmanda J. Butler, M.A. is an archaeologist and instructor in anthropology at Parkland College. She is also a lithic analyst employed with the Illinois State Archaeological Survey. Amanda is also an advocate of public archaeology through her many speaking engagements in East-Central Illinois, public outreach work through the Illinois State Archaeological Survey and the Archaeology Student Society. Currently, she is facilitating the installment of an interactive archaeology exhibit for the local children’s science museum in Champaign, IL.