January Program: Feeding Birds in Your Backyard

January Program: Feeding Birds in Your Backyard

Feeding Birds in Your Backyard
Presented by Wild Birds & More
Thursday, January 25 @ 7:00 PM at the Danville Public Library

In December of 2017, Nancy and Jim Householder bought and moved Wild Birds & More to 2141 S. Neil Street in Champaign (in the strip mall behind Biaggi’s Restaurant). They are a local provider of premium wild bird products, specializing in high-quality bird seed, feeders, bird houses, and other unique gifts. They are coming to Middlefork Audubon with a fun power-point presentation and a little show-and-tell as they talk about attracting birds to our backyard. Hope you can join us!

If the weather is bad we may need to cancel and reschedule this program for February. Check our website for updates or call Sue Smith at 217-621-7258.

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